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We can’t thank you enough for how much you have helped us over the years at home and at Circles. The recent renovations are amazing, really helping us to move forward to a brighter future! You are a gift to us and all those you help through your work.

Cathy and Bob, Circles of Wisdom, Andover, MA


Thank you so much!!! I have already done a few of the suggestions and was asked (yesterday) to bring a CD into the Fine Art Gallery in Concord!!! I am on my way to being a famous artist. YAHOO!!!

A few months later…

We have many new friends now and have been invited to many parties and events.

… Scott was just given a nice bonus at work and I have just sold five of my paintings at my first art exhibit out west. They just called and asked me to keep my art up for another month!

Rochelle Carr, Carlisle, MA


You helped me create a beautiful space 2 years ago at Wadsworth village in Danvers. Everyone who enters says the same thing:  “Oh I love your space.” Now I’m moving my treatment space into a separate space and want to create the same wonderful healing vibe. Let me know your availability for a consult.

Johanna Hattendorf, Danvers, MA


Thanks again for your genuine passion for helping us with the office and our house. We are so excited to work with you, and love the results we have seen so far.

Maria Winthrop, Boston, MA


I just wanted to send a quick note to say that I am very happy we had a consultation with you.  This gives me a feeling of peace. I am relieved that the construction plans are in line with the best possibilities for our new home.  It was so good to talk through all the parts of living there – each room, the yard.  Last night we also looked at making the kitchen bigger as you suggested and that feels much better. We both do like it!

Caren Donahue, Irvington, NY


I want to thank you for the transformation of our home.  It has never been more beautiful and it feels so alive.

Patrick Hanks, North Andover, MA


I run an investment business and the image that my clients have of me is crucial, and I wanted to make sure my new space had the energy and feel that was appropriate for my practice. Natalia spent several hours researching the history of the building, speaking to fellow tenants and hearing about my professional visions for the firm. She gave me specific recommendations regarding furniture decor and placement, color, art selection and much much more. I feel my new office represents me as an up-and-coming professional in my town, trustworthy and successful, yet personable, approachable and unpretentious. My clients seem to enjoy the new office location and the comfortable surroundings. My business has thrived since my move and I now look forward to spending my work hours in such a warm, energetic and bright office.

David Chwalek, Concord, MA


I have been slowly implementing the suggestions you gave me. Maybe I am 2/3 through them? The house looks much better, cleaner lines… Things are good. Business is so busy I am having a hard time keeping up, I am hiring an assistant to help me out. I have lost about 10 lbs and continue to drop…slowly.. I have been on 3 dates, none have worked out, but I have another one Saturday..so I am keeping the pipeline full.

A few months later…

I got the outside work done and it made such a difference.

Even my 19 year old son, said he could feel the difference, it opens up the house, the yard and looks so much better…

And I am in a wonderful relationship now, and work is great…

S.D., Littleton, MA


I wanted to thank you for all of your analysis and advice. There are so many ways you helped every person in my family, especially my children. When I first called, it was because things just didn’t feel right in our house. After making a few changes you suggested in our entry way, I notice an unbelievable difference in an unexpected place. My son had been experiencing digestive issues for about a year and within a few weeks he was feeling much better and within a few months they had completely disappeared. The horoscope analysis helped both my husband and I better understand and help our daughter. We began managing her to an end result and we have seen a noticeable difference in her confidence and focus. I could go on and on about all of the positive changes we have seen over the past 18 months. There have been differences in both the energy of the house and also the esthetics. We’ve received so many compliments about the different colors and the changes in the furniture and accessories. I’m looking forward to working with you again when we begin our addition.

Jennifer Jarzynka, Sudbury, MA


Thank you for opening my awareness to the layers of Feng Shui.  I’m so glad that I realized my limits and allowed an expert to guide me.  I feel so much better about the renovation project. I feel like I am supported and guided and that it is moving in the right direction.

Veena Baker, Framingham, MA


After you left I had to tell my son that we were moving his bed and then his bedroom…he was not happy but now I can’t tell you how happy he is with the change…he keeps saying ‘I love my new bedroom!’ He is definitely sleeping more soundly and longer than before…I can’t believe I didn’t look into this earlier.”

Valerie Arsenault, Lowell, MA


You’ll be glad to know that we moved the bed very quickly after you found the electromagnetic radiation to be so high where we were sleeping. The really good news is that my husband’s blood pressure has gone down and my health has improved as well. I have to say when you showed me the line of energy that was running under our bedroom that happened to run in an exact line of where I had my cancer, I was taken aback by the implication.

M. Levesque, Leominster, MA


I wanted to let you know I moved the head of Katelin’s bed on Friday and she has slept soundly ever since.  Both my husband and I are amazed.

J. J., Sudbury, MA


Three weeks after I implemented your suggestions, I joined match for the first time and I met an amazing man within 4 days! We are connected in the mind, body, spirit and soul worlds.Its incredible …

J.L. Andover, MA


I have a couple of questions and great news to tell!!! First I just finished the green room on the second floor and wow what a face lift!!! It looks awesome and so alive!!! Even my husband loves it. He also gave me the ok to finish the rest of the house!!! This has been truly a lot of fun.

Doreen Avola, Saugus, MA


Thank you for all your talent and support! I really enjoyed your consultation and already feel more energy in my home. I appreciate your subsequent email and quick follow up!

Some time later…

I am sure it has helped, my life has changed dramatically for the better, w/ this campaign it’s gotten very interesting…amazingly so! I am meeting so many new and like-minded, dedicated people. I am enjoying myself enormously.
Natalia, thank you for your help!

Several months later…

I’ve been making more and more of your recommended Feng Shui adjustments — and am being rewarded generously.  I now have a new career path and I am loving that.  My financial situation is improving as a result.  My physical health is improving too — and, it’s right on the schedule you predicted!

Carol Bousquet, Ayer, MA


I would also like to thank you for what you have contributed to my “taking possession” of my house.  I am thoroughly enjoying bringing Me into the space!

David Rice, Enumclaw, WA


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your wonderful presentation to our brokerage community last week.  It was very clear that we all thoroughly enjoyed the event.  Your enthusiasm and detailed knowledge on the wisdom and principles of Feng Shui is very impressive.   I know that we all left inspired and re-energized and will certainly incorporate many of the key elements you presented to us into our everyday lives in business and at home.

Warm regards always,

 Marianna Iacoi, Longwood Towers Condominiums , Brookline


I just wanted to let you know that I sold my house, actually very soon after you did some Feng Shui and Space Clearing work on it. It didn’t take long, about 10 days after you came to my house.

Thank you again. If I need a consultation in my new home, or before I purchase a new home, I will get in touch.

Robin Riley, Stow, MA

Thank you so much for all of your help!! I cannot tell you how much you have helped me with all of this!! You are amazing & wonderful!! I am also incredibly impressed and amazed at your intuition and deep connection to the universe! You have many gifts and much magic, Natalia, and an ability to heal others is one of them. Thank you!Nita Riccobono, Arlington, MA


I have implemented a few changes and have many to do. I must say though after the consult with a few changes my patient volume increased and continued thru the summer. Summer tends to slide a little but not this year.

Cynthia McMahon King, Boxboro, MA


Dear Natalia,

I read your article in the Grapevine and as a teacher who has taught in the US over the years its great to see an article so well written and with a broader view point. Well done!

Jon Sandifer, Feng Shui Teacher, Author, UK


Dear Natalia,

Whatever we did on April 20th it has worked wonders! and yes, I want to continue to work with you. I especially loved the meditation we did at the end of our session-clearing. It has made me more receptive-and I’ve seen the change in others as a result.

A year later…

I have been thinking of you and all the good work we did together. Everything is working out in the neighborhood, and specifically our neighbors across the street. As a result it’s a wonderful place to live once again and I am so thankful!  I’m grateful to Bryn for recommending you to me and to you for guiding me through such a stressful time.  On another note-I left my job at Wellesley College and have gotten a new job with a biotech company 15min from my house. I’ve tripled my income and increased my chances to advance 100%.

Thank you again,
Leslie V., Wellesley, MA


Things are definitely improving. I re-did my bathroom upstairs in my bedroom and I have been making gradual changes as time and money allow throughout the house and property.

I have been very successful and well-received for my artwork and I recently had a front page story in the local newspaper which brought attention to my artwork.

I am currently contracting with Cisco which is 3 miles from my house. I asked for this and got the job in 15 minutes after a short interview. The future looks bright for either a long contract or a perm position. This is a great place to work and I like the idea of a long-term contract.

So things are well in most areas of my life. I am still looking for love, but I am confident that once I have taken care of my financial and parenting responsibilities, that will come in due season. I know what I want and it will manifest.

Many, many thanks to you…

Chris. F., Boxborough, MA


Thank you so much. You are very kind. I really enjoyed your visit. My head was swimming
after you left, so I liked the recommendation of where to prioritize. It will take me awhile to implement everything, so I really appreciated some of your quick and easy ideas.

Joanne Ranagan, Chelmsford, MA


I removed the winter shot of the Old North Bridge, the photo of Glacier National Park from my honeymoon, and the cat with the trash bin in the background and replaced them all with the large “water” painting that was over the bureau in my bedroom, as you suggested. Dad couldn’t believe how much better he felt in his chair once I did that. Before, when he looked at the winter Old North Bridge photo, he always thought about the battle with the British and the struggle that ensued, and when he looked at the Glacier National Park photo, he always thought about me off on my honeymoon with my ex-husband, and he felt sad about looking at our cat whom we had to put to sleep last December. He says that the “water” painting removes all that anxiety and gives him a sense of peace and serenity.

Jane Hallowell, Concord, MA


I would like to say that was very nice to meet you, your have a beautiful energy, calm and I felt your heart full of love, thank you for that.

Valdisa Moura, Roslindale, MA


I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with you this morning. You have given me a lot to think about, which is good. I may not be able to implement everything right away, but I have a pretty good idea of what to do.

If any of your future clients would like a reference, I’d be happy to be one.

Kathy Dollard, Boxborough, MA


I enjoyed our work tremendously! You are a special person, and I am so
glad I decided to have you come to help me set a positive course for our move. Thanks so much. I will be in touch as things progress.

Erica Reynolds Hager, Groton, MA


As a Feng Shui practitioner and consultant, it is my desire to expand my own personal practice to the highest form so that I may be able to help others. However, when my own energy blocks came to the surface, I needed additional assistance. My friend and personal consultant Natalia Kaylin has been extremely instrumental in assisting me with my own personal growth. Through her use of the Compass School, her deep knowledge of the art of Feng Shui, and her understanding of the I-Ching, I have been able to remove blocks in my own personal energy field. I thank you Natalia for being a dedicated friend and knowledgeable consultant. I highly recommend her as one of the best consultants in the field.

Louise Ann Klein, Feng Shui Consultant, RI


The lecture on Feng Shui that Natalia Kaylin delivered to my architectural drawing class opened a door and invited my students to look at a topic that many of them had heard of, yet knew little about. For forty minutes the students were lifted away from their dry, jargon-filled text books and were taken to a place a where a complex world of art and science is explored in a relatively simple manner of design. Natalia’s lecture was accompanied by a terrific PowerPoint presentation that showed clear examples of the practice’s essential principles and overarching elements. A conscious effort was made to present Feng Shui to my students in a manner that they could easily relate to everyday design, and at a level that didn’t surpass their ability to understand. Thanks to Natalia, my students (and I) no longer identify Feng Shui as being the possession of a distant culture only. I have a feeling that when it comes to creating their own floor plans and presentation drawings, the kids now will give plenty of thought to placement of design elements, balance of energy, and exploration of the curvilinear form. I hope Natalia will consider speaking about her expertise in Feng Shui to my new classes each semester. Just as desired in any ideal educational setting, this presentation opened the student’s minds and inspired their imaginations.

Ed Hardy, Teacher of Architecture, Westford Academy, Westford, MA


Our business had been very slow for months and now we were in the slowest time of the year. We contacted Natalia Kaylin for an appointment to see if she could help us at all. Natalia came and gave us a list of small easy to carry out suggestions, and few long term suggestions to implement over time. She was quite thorough in her evaluation of our environment. We started implementing some of her suggestions as soon as she left. While in the process of implementing her suggestions our phone rang with a request for us to advertise our services! Since her visit we have gotten more business in two weeks than we had the past 8 months! Additionally we have noticed we have more energy and enthusiasm and that after each change we make the area just seems to feel better. We are truly amazed and new believers in the power of Feng Shui and Natalia’s approach to Feng Shui. Thank you Natalia.

Marilyn Harquail, Franklin, MA


Having read a few Feng Shui books and trying to follow the guidelines over the years caused confusion and I thought perhaps Feng Shui was just one of those things that didn’t work for me. A few years later when the opportunity came to have a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner evaluate my home, living and working space, I thought, what the heck, why not give it one more shot. The word, “Miracle” comes to mind because within one week after Natalia’s suggestions, life and work took on the speed of a boulder rolling down a mountain! You have to experience what happens with Natalia’s form of Feng Shui. With just a few, very small changes, life has taken on the positive changes I have tried to create for years. Yes, you could be like me and read a library of Feng Shui books, and become more confused with each book OR you could invite a “Miracle” into your business or home and watch the magic happen right before your eyes. I thought I would have to rearrange my entire house, that was not the case at all. Natalia works with what you have, suggesting the changes gently, not radically.

Pamela Cain, Franklin, MA


It has been a few months now since you came to our home to do a Feng Shui consultation. The suggestions you made for us have made me feel so much better about living in this apartment. It also made me feel more content in the space. Having your advice to implement helped make the apartment feel more like home, which has in turn made the changes I need to make feel more manageable. Thank you, thank you.

Melissa Thomas, Washington DC


Our home was on the market for more than a month without a single offer while other houses in the neighborhood were going quickly. I was puzzled by this and decided to get some Feng Shui advice to help us sell it. We sold it three days after the consultation to the first buyer who walked in and the best part of it was that he didn’t negotiate. He accepted our terms and price. I am very impressed with the service I have received.

Natasha Tribunskaya, Wilmington, MA


At first I was skeptical about the colors you picked for our new home.  They are not colors I would have chosen myself, but I decided to trust you and accept your ideas.

Yesterday I started painting and I must say that it feels like the house is transforming with every brush stroke.  The energy is different; there is a feeling that the house has been injected with a beautiful, loving energy!  I have to tell you it has been amazing.  I have lots of painting to go and I am eager to see how, with the completion of each room, the aura will adjust. My husband is responding in a surprisingly positive fashion.   He told me tonight that when he walks into our bedroom he just smiles and yesterday he said that I just know we will be happy here.

C. B., Boston, MA


Every time I move anything in the office, I think of your words first. I have reached my break even point this last month, and it is growing quickly still. Life is good, the job is fun, and I know you are a part of my success.

Dr. Evan Hughes., Chelmsford, MA


Thank you again for your helpful advice when you visited my home and office. The first thing I did was move the desk in my apartment to where you suggested moving it, and I have liked having it there… THEN, finally, this week, I got the clutter out of my office. Oh, what a difference that is making for me, and it frees me to think about the other suggestions (pictures, moving the desk, etc.). So, I’m moving more slowly than I had hoped to, but the suggestions have so far been very helpful!

Dara. M., Cambridge, MA


We changed the place of the bed and my headache disappeared quickly!!!!!!!!!! It’s incredible… and I began to run at 6:30 in the morning and I feel so much better!

Anne Dormond, Watertown, MA


I have slowly implemented some of the things you suggested, and lately I’ve noticed that the house seems a little less cluttered and closed in. The biggest thing was in the area of money – I simply switched around a couple of paintings, and within about 2 – 3 weeks, I received a notice about the possibility of a large sum of money coming my way due to an old real estate deal of my father’s! Coincidence? Maybe, but I think not!

Becky Bronson, Westford, MA


I got so motivated by our consultation that I began making some changes right away… I’m excited!! I’ve already had 2 relationship connections in the 2 days following the changes I’ve just made. I feel like I’m on an adventure. : ) Thank you for bringing your expertise and insight into my life.

B. P., Ayer, MA


I have made most of the changes you have recommended and I am still working on the others. The differences I have noticed are amazing.  My house is back to being a place of comfort and joy rather than a place I could not wait to get out of.  There is such a feeling of peace. Thank-you for all your recommendations and information.

Paula Gregory, Dunstable, MA


Thank you so much for the amazing experience of the consultation yesterday – it really was eye opening. My mind has been abuzz with all of the fun changes we can make. My husband is already focusing on changes and ideas that you had suggested. The reception of my husband was amazing and he just laughed when he saw how different our charts were. The fire element in him is just too much to ignore. It was fun and eye opening and something we can work on together. PLUS I am excited to create a nurturing kitchen and dining room – it all feels very good. Thank you so much. I think you are wonderful and incredibly talented and kind.

A.W., Melrose, MA


I really appreciate your advice a few months ago. I made a lot of changes in my bedroom and my entire home, actually. My love life is dramatically different at this stage. There is a very passionate person in my life now…

Mark U., Lincoln, MA


We made many of the changes… Overall things are better.  I even got a better job offer and I was not even looking!  I love my new job!

D. W., Methuen, MA


We truly enjoy meeting you and many thanks for your very thoughtful advice. We were both amazed when you pointed out how the Feng Shui of this house has contributed to my husband’s health problem. We are grateful to know that following your advice will be a great support for him. We have started the project anxiously. We’ll let you know how we make out. It’s a wonderful feeling that we have good directions to follow to improve our life.

Five Months Later:

We feel great about the changes we’ve made. The online business has picked up considerably. It has helped our spirits and Andrew’s health has gotten better too.

Guess what? We’ve decided to buy a house and start a family and we need your advice. Since you have done both our horoscopes, we wonder if you might advise us as to things we would need to look out for, both positive and negative. For example, we have questions such as: What’s the best house facing direction for us, or, what’s the best location of the water pool in relation to the house? After buying the house and before we move in, we’d like you to come to the house if possible. Thanks again.

Andrew and Dawn, Sounderstown, RI


My primary goal was to increase wealth. Natalia offered to help me with relationships too. (I’m single.) But I wanted to concentrate on building wealth. So her input was very targeted. I was very excited to implement the changes. And my business is now much more profitable! What I noticed is that when the environment was changed, client interactions changed … And I changed. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Natalia!

Rose Weinberger, Westford, MA


It was great to work with you over the summer. It was an amazing experience… It has actually been a lot more peaceful around the house and with each other, much less conflicted. It also feels like it’s more of a collaborative environment than it was before… Thanks again for your insights and suggestions. If ever we manage to buy a house, I’d love to have you come in the early stages.

All good wishes-
C.A., Roslindale, MA


I can’t tell you how much you have helped me to heal and find my way through all this mess… I am feeling much more confident about things now and I just think of you often… I hear your words in my head as I am moving around the house and yard… I have been getting much better health wise…

N. B., Westford, MA


Coincidence or not, right after we made this change my wife decided to go from full-time to part-time (2 days) at her job and to go in business for herself with two other women – marketing & PR. Soon after they picked up a very big client and things have been going well.

Joe. S., Bristol, RI

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