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This was a large remodeling project. A new garage, kitchen, master bedroom and family room were added to the house. I worked with Denise and her architect on the floor plans and have been back several times to work on various aspects of the landscape and interior design.  An interesting feature is the curvy path leading up to the front door.  This slows the energy flow to the house so we put up a red patio umbrella to introduce the Fire element as a balancing factor. A stone wall in the back of the house is a strong Earth element that supports the family’s health and well-being; the main objective of this project.

I’ve included some photos of the house before and during remodeling. I go back once a year to fine tune and do some annual adjustments. It was incredible to see the house transforming year by year into a very beautiful and supportive place.

” I am so grateful you came over and feel confident I can keep things positive. Thanks for helping and supporting me throughout the years. You have a gift and I am so glad we crossed paths.”
– Denise Marcaurelle


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