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These clients were relatively new to the area and were looking for more social engagements. Their other objectives were too boost fame and wealth.

My assessment showed the reason why their social life was blocked and when we cleared the obstacle other areas opened up too. These clients didn’t stay in this house for long. In about 6 months after my initial consultation, Scott received a big promotion and the family moved to the San Francisco area.

“Thank you so much!!! I have already done a few of the suggestions and was asked (yesterday) to bring a CD into the Fine Art Gallery in Concord!!! I am on my way to being a famous artist. YAHOO!!!”

A few months later…

“We have many new friends now and have been invited to many parties and events.”

another month later,

“Scott was just given a nice bonus at work and I have just sold five of my paintings at my first art exhibit out west. They just called and asked me to keep my art up for another month!”

– Rochelle C., Carlisle, MA

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