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Eight Steps how to Transform your Office with Feng Shui








Spring is on its way and the year of the Horse is in full swing. In my post on predictions for the year   I mentioned that the year of the Horse calls for action:

“This is not a good year for contemplation, planning, or procrastination. Those who are able to make fast decisions and act on them will be rewarded with success as the Horse itself is a symbol of victory.”

Here are 8 steps to transform your office into a supportive environment so you can ride the intensity of the year with grace and achieve the most.

1. Position Your Desk
Seat yourself in a power position with your back to a wall and a view of the door and window. You will feel more confident, stronger, and in control.

2. Remove Clutter and Organize
Organize paperwork and files. A clutter-free and organized office promotes focus, creativity and productivity.

3. Ergonomics in the Office
Use a comfortable chair with good back support. Do not type on a laptop, but use a keyboard. Invest in a computer monitor.

4. Consider effects of EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation)
Do not sit close to an electrical distribution panel or devices that emanate high EMR. Do not place power supplies and power strips close to you as they tend to radiate strongly. Too many wires and cables feel chaotic so secure them neatly behind furniture.

5. Add Plants
Adding plants to your office will help bring vitality to your workplace and keep you connected to nature. NASA research has shown that some plants help reduce air pollution and EMR. Golden pothos, peace lilies and corn plants are among those in the list.

6. Lighting
Reduce usage of florescent lighting and introduce full spectrum lights. This will help lower stress and fatigue.

7. Balance and Harmonize the Space
Balancing yang (masculine) and yin (feminine) energies with color and shapes will help you feel more relaxed and secure. Examples of yang spaces: bright, tall, hot, open. Examples of yin spaces: darker, smaller, cooler, more enclosed. If you feel that you need to be more energized, then choose a more yang interior. Note, if it is too yang, you will feel exhausted at the end of the day. If it is too yin, you will feel tired and less productive.

8. Office Décor
The south in feng shui relates to fame and reputation. This year, the south portion of your office has very good energy. If properly enhanced it will not only boost your fame, but also bring more wealth related luck. Consider placing an image or abstract of a horse, with red, orange or purple colors. It is great if the image creates an inspiring or exciting vibe.

The elements of your office décor and color should be carefully selected according to your goals, personality, and energy type. This tip will work especially well for those who need more Fire element in their Four Pillars chart.

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