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Transform Your Home into a Sanctuary with Feng Shui


A few weeks ago, on a flight back from vacation, I had a sudden feeling of joy as a thought about home crossed my mind. The thought was followed by an image of my family room, but it looked a bit different than it does in person. The room was filled with a shimmering golden light and felt alive. I then saw other parts of the house filled with a similar light, and there was a feeling of warmth and quiet joy. It was as if the house was speaking to me, like a person who missed me, and I missed it too.

Creating this kind of connection to the home is what I’ve been helping my clients with for over a decade, and I am going to share what I have learned along the way in this workshop. Please mark your calendar for April 9th, 2-4pm, for Feng Shui Room by Room: Transforming your Home into a Sanctuary.

Eight tips for how to infuse your home with warmth and nourishment

Ask yourself this simple question: “How do I feel when I enter my home?” Everyone has a different relationship with their home, but most of us need and want a supportive environment where we can relax, rejuvenate and thrive.

Although eventually you will want to infuse your entire home with beautiful energy, it is a good idea to start small. Begin with one room or even one corner and work on it until it feels just right.

Here are a few tips for different spaces.  IMG_1420

  1.       Before you begin creating your sanctuary, clear the clutter! Get rid of things you don’t love and things that don’t represent who you are anymore.
  2.       Use natural plants to soften the space and bring life into your home. Plants also improve air quality and even absorb electromagnetic radiation.
  3.       Place quartz and other gemstones to infuse a space with natural beauty and warm earth energy. Choose your stones carefully, but don’t overthink it.   Use your feelings and find a stone that you are drawn to.
  4.       Bring a feeling of relaxation with water.  Try pictures, sea shells and sea stones, or a fountain.
  5.       Create an area of a strong emotional response by grouping a few special and meaningful items together.
  6.       Add a few red and yellow items to the kitchen to bring joy and happiness while cooking meals and socializing.
  7.       Place a light colored rug or a sheepskin in the bedroom and use softer decor to enhance the feeling of sensuality.
  8.       Spray essential oils dissolved in water to clear energy and create a new vibe. Some favorites are grapefruit and lemongrass for the kitchen and roses for the bedroom.

The most important tip is this one: if you only have things that you love in your home, it will unavoidably love you back!

Happy Spring!



Workshop: Annual Feng Shui Flying Stars for 2014, Year of the Wood Horse


Workshop: Sunday, January 26, 2-3:30 pm; $30

Location: Circles of Wisdom, 90 Main Street, Andover, MA


Come and learn how to attract more luck and avoid misfortune by activating auspicious stars and neutralizing the destructive ones in the year of the Wood Horse. You can, for example, align your home to boost your luck in wealth and romance while making sure to avoid stress and affliction! This is a popular annual workshop and will be useful for both newcomers and those who have done some feng shui in the past.

The term Flying Stars refers to the movement and change of a building’s energy over a period of time. Many feng shui masters believe that the time influences of Flying Stars are the most powerful elements of feng shui. Natalia’s years of experience with these techniques has come to prove that afflicted stars can really throw things out of balance if ignored, but lucky stars can bring fortune if properly activated.

To practice time feng shui effectively, it is important to know the location of the stars and how to manage positive and negative influences. You will learn specific enhancements and cures for each sector of the Bagua in 2014. We will also cover renovation rules and look at some interesting predictions for the coming year.

Anyone who has had a feng shui consultation in the past is welcome to bring their floor plans with the Bagua map (eight directions). If you haven’t had a feng shui consultation you should know your house’s facing direction. You can either do a compass measurement or look at Google Maps for this information.


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