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Increase Wealth with a Feng Shui Landscape


Many of my clients are interested in using feng shui to increase wealth.  In my previous post I discussed how to identify aspects that might be blocking your financial luck

Since it’s spring and a great time to be outside I am sure many of you will appreciate these 5 tips to increase wealth with a feng shui landscape.

Those who loves gardening will enjoy these ideas:

1)    If the land in the SE of your property is elevated that’s great — you don’t need to do anything. If it’s flat or at a lower elevation you may want to boost the energy there by introducing fast-growing, strong, tall plants. My favorite trees for the southeast are red maples, dogwoods and magnolias.

2)    Install a garden light pole in the SE.

3)    Install a water feature in the SW. Moving water is especially good but only if it’s flowing towards the house. Water that flows towards the house brings energy and wealth but water that flows away carries them away.

4)    Introduce wind sculptures, wind chimes or anything that creates sounds and movement. If you implement them in the S or SW of your property it will energize your finances. This is very timely this year since there are visiting wealth Flying Stars in the S and SW.

5)    Plant some bright flowers in the SE, S or SW. Reds are especially good this year!

Enjoy your gardening and post your comments or questions. And if you like these ideas please share them with your friends!



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