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Feng Shui Dining Room Tips Video

Dining Room Feng Shui Tips

Eight Tips on how to create good Feng Shui in your Dining Room

Dining Room Feng Shui

Feng shui consultant Louise Klein’s dining room

“Sharing meals with loved ones in a beautiful environment is a ritual of such importance that it has been honored in every culture around the world.”
Denise Linn

I love these words by Denise Linn who I studied with many years ago.  A dining room contributes to health and harmonious relationships between family members. In traditional Chinese feng shui a dining room relates to wealth. In Chinese culture there is a straight correlation between the size of the dining room and wealth: the more people we can feed the wealthier we are!

Tips for good dining room feng shui

  1. Dining room location: The most auspicious location of a dining room within a house is considered to be southeast and south. Not surprisingly these two directions relate to wealth and fame.
  2.  Dining room usage: Ideally, the dining room should be used often and free of clutter. You may want to say goodbye to those projects and piles of papers that have been residing on a dining room table for several months.. If you don’t use the room and it’s cluttered, the energy stagnates which can cause stagnation in your finances.
  3. Dining room wall colors should be warm, earthy and have a nourishing vibe. For example, yellow stimulates conversation and digestion, red stimulates appetite, and sage green brings freshness and vitality. A cold blue color would is the least appropriate for the dining room walls and décor.
  4.  Art in the dining room: Choose art for your dining room that gives you a feeling of wealth and abundance. It’s personal but some examples that work for me are landscapes, seascapes, fruit or flowers. Your choice of art should also reflect the elements needed to enhance wealth in the particular space.
  5. Dining room accessories: Mirrors are great to use in the dining room especially if they can be hung in a way that reflects the outside. Try to position a mirror to reflect a garden, tree, or anything special to you from outside. You can also use the mirror to reflect a beautiful piece of art or a flower arrangement from the center piece on a dining room table. If you have a southeastern wall in your dining room you can use water to enhance your wealth by placing a wall fountain or a fish tank.
  6. Dining room table: Besides placement, the most important feature of a dining room table from a feng shui perspective is its shape. It’s ideal to have a round or oval table in the middle of the room. A rectangular shape is fine but it is best if its corners are softened. The best material for a dining room table is wood. I do not recommend metal or glass tables since they are cold and do not hold energy.
  7. Dining room lighting:  A chandelier above the dining room table is the ideal choice of lighting.  A crystal chandelier will activate the energy in the room andcreate an uplifting sparkling feeling. I love to dim the overhead light and use a lot of candles during family and guests gatherings. It always seems to slow down the time and have a magical, relaxing and mood enhancing effect.
  8. Plants in the dining room: Healthy, beautiful plants are a must in the dining room! They bring vitality, freshness and color. I especially like using larger plants with rounded leaves and flowers. Cut flower arrangements are fun to make and are also great in the dining room.

Kitchen Feng Shui Tips

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms. It is the heart of a home and relates to nourishment. The most important object in the kitchen is the stove. In traditional Chinese feng shui, the stove relates to wealth so its placement and its Fire element have to be strong.

Kitchen Feng Shui by Natalia Kaylin

Kitchen Feng Shui by Natalia Kaylin

Feng Shui Stove Placement Tips

I have to admit, that it is much easier to implement feng shui principles for the kitchen and the best feng shui stove placement when we build a new home. A lot of feng shui knowledge goes into making these architectural and design decisions.

For example, the stove should not be visible from the entrance, and it is best if there is a solid wall behind it so the energy is not dispersed but gathered. Also, there should not be a bathroom on the other side of the stove, especially a toilet, shower, or basically any water pipes.

We have 3 main different types of energy in the kitchen: Fire (the stove), Water (the sink) and Metal (the fridge). The way these elements interact with each other is Water puts fire out and Metal cools fire down. Therefore we want these 3 objects to be separated. A triangular design for the kitchen works the best.

We also need to keep directions in mind for the ideal stove placement. The stove is better in the E, SE or S rather than W or NW areas. We also take into the consideration the DOB of the person who is going to cook, and calculate the Flying Stars. But even implementing just the tips that I mentioned earlier is a good start.

Strengthening the Fire Element

If the house is already designed and we cannot control placement then we can work on strengthening the fire of the stove. From my clients feedback these simple things can make a big difference.

Adding reds in the kitchen will add more warmth and strengthen Fire element of the stove. I love working with color and art as it is usually the easiest way to bring a desired outcome. Fire relates to fun and joy. If we can express these qualities in the kitchen the person who cooks will be in a good and creative mood. I guarantee, the food will not only taste better but will be more nourishing!

The other element that I love to implement in the kitchen is the Earth element. Earth relates to stability, nourishment, digestion and the corresponding color is yellow. Yellow brings sunlight and warmth to the kitchen, making it a happy place where people want to be.

I love having fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs in the kitchen. Any natural materials such as a woven basket or things made of ceramic or clay would bring a feeling of authenticity and fun.

Happy cooking!


Feng Shui for Buying Real Estate

Three things to avoid when buying a property

Home-for-SalejpgBuying real estate is a major decision and the process can be pretty overwhelming in fully recovered markets such as Boston’s. With intense bidding and homes selling within days of being listed, it’s easy to make a mistake on your investment.

There are many things besides feng shui that you need to consider when buying a property. But a brief feng shui for buying real estate assessment is one of the best practical investments you can make for your future home or investment property.

I’ve analyzed hundreds of properties to help clients make buying decisions and it’s pretty clear that homes with good feng shui are more attractive to buyers and sell faster. A good feng shui property will look good and feel good on an energetic level. But sometimes looks can be deceiving so take care to not to miss these red flags that can cause trouble down the line.

The following problems have no easy solutions so it’s best to pass on properties that have them.

  1. Topography: the lot slopes away from back of the house or the house is below the street level.
    In feng shui terms, a property like this cannot hold energy well and the occupants will likely experience stress, difficulty with finances, and possibly problems with relationships and even health.
  2. Location:  House at a T-junction, Y-junction and any other kind of intersection.
    A recent client of mine was close to making an offer on a home in Cambridge that faces a busy T-intersection.  She loved many things about the house but felt that something was off and wasn’t exactly sure what was bothering her. I explained that she would not be able to relax in the evenings as incoming cars would shine their lights into the windows.  Can you guess which rooms were facing the intersection?  The living room and two of the bedrooms!
  3. Architecture: Avoid buildings with bathrooms or laundry in the center of the floor plan.
    The center of a building relates to the well-being of the household or business. The restroom and laundry are a major drain on the energetic structure of the building and can leave residents susceptible to health issues!  A business is likely to experience a loss of wealth, instability and poor relationships among employees.

There are many other things that I look for to help my clients choose the best property.  If you are looking to buy soon then contact me for a brief in-person or remote consultation.

If you find this info useful please share it with you friends.





Increase Wealth with a Feng Shui Landscape


Many of my clients are interested in using feng shui to increase wealth.  In my previous post I discussed how to identify aspects that might be blocking your financial luck

Since it’s spring and a great time to be outside I am sure many of you will appreciate these 5 tips to increase wealth with a feng shui landscape.

Those who loves gardening will enjoy these ideas:

1)    If the land in the SE of your property is elevated that’s great — you don’t need to do anything. If it’s flat or at a lower elevation you may want to boost the energy there by introducing fast-growing, strong, tall plants. My favorite trees for the southeast are red maples, dogwoods and magnolias.

2)    Install a garden light pole in the SE.

3)    Install a water feature in the SW. Moving water is especially good but only if it’s flowing towards the house. Water that flows towards the house brings energy and wealth but water that flows away carries them away.

4)    Introduce wind sculptures, wind chimes or anything that creates sounds and movement. If you implement them in the S or SW of your property it will energize your finances. This is very timely this year since there are visiting wealth Flying Stars in the S and SW.

5)    Plant some bright flowers in the SE, S or SW. Reds are especially good this year!

Enjoy your gardening and post your comments or questions. And if you like these ideas please share them with your friends!



Feng Shui Tips for Wealth and a Client Story


In feng shui, spring is associated with the Wood element which represents wealth and growth. The Wood element refers to a rising energy and is represented by growing plants (yin Wood) or trees (yang Wood). And because plants are nurtured by water these are complementing elements and both relate to wealth.

Four tips for how to raise energy in the southeast and unblock your wealth flow:

  • Check the southeast part of your home for clutter or broken and unwanted things. If there are any, clear them! This is blocking your wealth.
  • Check the southeast of your property for deteriorating structures, trees, piles of cut wood, etc.
  • Plant a beautiful special tree in the southeast. This will raise the chi of your property.
  • In traditional Chinese feng shui, this year the southeast is affected by the “Argumentative Star 3” which is countered by strong red colors. For example, use a red lamp, a red candle or flowers.
One client’s story is a perfect example.

I worked with Rochelle and Scott a few years ago on their property in Carlisle. Scott was a VP of a small technology company and Rochelle was in the process of starting a new career. She was studying art and was emerging as an artist. She had talent and wanted to make it big. Things were going pretty well for them to begin with, but there was a feeling of stagnation and they were curious if feng shui could help them create new opportunities for growth and success.


When I consult I analyze not just the inside of the house but the whole property and even nearby land features and structures. The results for Rochelle and Scott’s exterior were promising but with one exception. There was a on old, large, deteriorating pine tree located in the southeastern part of the property. The southeast represents prosperity and wealth in feng shui.

My clients were almost ready to have the tree cut down after they learned that having deterioration in the southeast stagnates their finances. But after carefully examining the tree, I convinced them otherwise. The tree had to be healed even if this was more effort than simply removing it.

It is very beneficial to have a strong tree in the southeast as this creates support for the prosperity. They followed my advice and did a major clean up of the old pine and the surrounding area.



When I came back there in the spring for a follow up I almost didn’t recognize the place! The tree was happy and the area felt vibrant.

Not long after my visit I got this email from Rochelle: “Scott was just given a nice bonus at work and I have just sold five of my paintings at my first art exhibit out west. They just called and asked me to keep my art up for another month!”

These clients didn’t stay in this house for long. Soon after my visit Scott received a big promotion and the family moved to the Bay area.


The tree and the area after

When I consult I always look what’s happening in the southeastern part of the property. Sometimes I find things like an old shack, a pile of dead wood or even a compost bin. Anything that is broken or deteriorating will stagnate your finances!

Please comment, share your experience or ask questions.

Happy Spring!




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