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Choosing a good Feng Shui apartment: Yin-Yang lesson

Contemporary Dark Wood CabinetryI recently helped a client chose an apartment in a newly built five story building in Cambridge.  I was shown three beautiful luxury apartments that were similar in size and design so on the surface there were no obvious differences between them.  But in the end, there was one clear choice.  Here are some of the more subtle things I consider when analyzing a feng shui apartment qualities.

I rejected the first apartment right away because the electromagnetic radiation reading was too high. The electrical panel was in the bedroom (an unusual place) and having an elevated EMR for 8 hours while sleeping is just not a great idea.

The second apartment one was on the fourth floor overlooking a courtyard. The design elements were gorgeous: dark contemporary kitchen cabinets contrasted by light granite counter with a matching dark hardwood floor and sleek gray accent walls.

Everything looked beautiful, but dark. The apartment had windows facing the NW and in the middle of the day there was very little sunlight. I know that a good amount of light is important for people to feel balanced. If there is not enough natural light we start feeling depressed and uninspired. People feel best when there is a balance of yin and yang. In this case, a balance between dark and light.

The last apartment was on the fifth floor and also faced the NW. It had the same beautiful dark wood floors and kitchen cabinets, but the accent walls were lighter.  Being on the top floor opened up much more sunlight and a view of the sky over the opposite side of the building.  The darker interior was balanced by plenty of light making it the winner. My client agreed, remarking that this last unit just “felt better” than the others.

Feng Shui for Buying Real Estate

Three things to avoid when buying a property

Home-for-SalejpgBuying real estate is a major decision and the process can be pretty overwhelming in fully recovered markets such as Boston’s. With intense bidding and homes selling within days of being listed, it’s easy to make a mistake on your investment.

There are many things besides feng shui that you need to consider when buying a property. But a brief feng shui for buying real estate assessment is one of the best practical investments you can make for your future home or investment property.

I’ve analyzed hundreds of properties to help clients make buying decisions and it’s pretty clear that homes with good feng shui are more attractive to buyers and sell faster. A good feng shui property will look good and feel good on an energetic level. But sometimes looks can be deceiving so take care to not to miss these red flags that can cause trouble down the line.

The following problems have no easy solutions so it’s best to pass on properties that have them.

  1. Topography: the lot slopes away from back of the house or the house is below the street level.
    In feng shui terms, a property like this cannot hold energy well and the occupants will likely experience stress, difficulty with finances, and possibly problems with relationships and even health.
  2. Location:  House at a T-junction, Y-junction and any other kind of intersection.
    A recent client of mine was close to making an offer on a home in Cambridge that faces a busy T-intersection.  She loved many things about the house but felt that something was off and wasn’t exactly sure what was bothering her. I explained that she would not be able to relax in the evenings as incoming cars would shine their lights into the windows.  Can you guess which rooms were facing the intersection?  The living room and two of the bedrooms!
  3. Architecture: Avoid buildings with bathrooms or laundry in the center of the floor plan.
    The center of a building relates to the well-being of the household or business. The restroom and laundry are a major drain on the energetic structure of the building and can leave residents susceptible to health issues!  A business is likely to experience a loss of wealth, instability and poor relationships among employees.

There are many other things that I look for to help my clients choose the best property.  If you are looking to buy soon then contact me for a brief in-person or remote consultation.

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