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Feng Shui for Teenagers

I wanted to share with you two very different stories of my work with teenagers’ spaces.  IMG_4479-1

Danielle was 15 when I consulted for her parents’ home. It was a beautiful, tastefully decorated suburban home. When I saw Danielle’s pink room with charming fairy tail princess white furniture I thought it is the room of five year old girl. I was pretty surprised and her mom explained that she doesn’t allow Danielle to make any changes. I could feel that Olivia loved her daughter very much but she was quite a perfectionist and didn’t trust that Danielle would make “right choices” decorating her room. Besides, Olivia was uncomfortable with “all of the teenage stuff” so she thought that she was “protecting her daughter from all of this”. I explained how important it was for Danielle to express who she was now and to make her own choices and suggested that Olivia should allow Danielle make some changes, beginning with hanging a few posters that represent something important to a 15 year old.

A year later I was called back and this time I’ve met Danielle. Her room was still the same, nothing changed. It came up in a conversation that she doesn’t perceive herself as a creative person and doesn’t quite know what she likes. Olivia was taken by surprise but immediately understood what happen. She said “Oh my God, it is totally my fault, we have to do something now!” Olivia’s confession helped Daniella to open up. We started to discuss colors and furniture options and Danielle started to get more and more interested in it and excited about the possibility of making changes. Quite spontaneously she started to come up with some pretty good ideas. I didn’t give Danielle too many guidelines, emphasizing that it is a good for her to try things and it is totally OK to make mistakes.  Many times I have observed in others and myself that fear of doing mistakes cripples our creativity and limits the flow of ideas and possibilities. It is a gift to our children to give them gentle support and provide them with opportunities to express themselves and learn from their mistakes and accomplishments.

Teenager’s rooms vary a great deal. It is quite easy for me to feel a teenager’s personality by just looking at their room. I can feel whether they are shy or confident, happy and balanced or angry and rebellious or depressed. Often parents whose children are not easy ask me for help after exhausting other resources.
I remember one case with a seriously depressed 13 years old boy who had a very dark green room with black curtains and some pretty disturbing posters. His mom said he requested those colors and despite her hesitation she helped him with it. I explained that her son created an environment that reflected his emotional state and no matter how much therapy he was doing his condition would hardly improve because his environment was depleting and depressing. Often it is very hard to convince teenagers to make any changes in their room but this was a case where I asked his mother to insist and suggested a more healing and uplifting color scheme.
Often parents report improvements in their children’s study and ability to concentrate after I suggest they move their children’s desk as well as improved sleep after I suggest moving their bed. Balancing the room with colors and natural elements helps to balance a child’s energy and their emotional state.


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