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Dining Room Feng Shui Tips

Eight Tips on how to create good Feng Shui in your Dining Room

Dining Room Feng Shui

Feng shui consultant Louise Klein’s dining room

“Sharing meals with loved ones in a beautiful environment is a ritual of such importance that it has been honored in every culture around the world.”
Denise Linn

I love these words by Denise Linn who I studied with many years ago.  A dining room contributes to health and harmonious relationships between family members. In traditional Chinese feng shui a dining room relates to wealth. In Chinese culture there is a straight correlation between the size of the dining room and wealth: the more people we can feed the wealthier we are!

Tips for good dining room feng shui

  1. Dining room location: The most auspicious location of a dining room within a house is considered to be southeast and south. Not surprisingly these two directions relate to wealth and fame.
  2.  Dining room usage: Ideally, the dining room should be used often and free of clutter. You may want to say goodbye to those projects and piles of papers that have been residing on a dining room table for several months.. If you don’t use the room and it’s cluttered, the energy stagnates which can cause stagnation in your finances.
  3. Dining room wall colors should be warm, earthy and have a nourishing vibe. For example, yellow stimulates conversation and digestion, red stimulates appetite, and sage green brings freshness and vitality. A cold blue color would is the least appropriate for the dining room walls and décor.
  4.  Art in the dining room: Choose art for your dining room that gives you a feeling of wealth and abundance. It’s personal but some examples that work for me are landscapes, seascapes, fruit or flowers. Your choice of art should also reflect the elements needed to enhance wealth in the particular space.
  5. Dining room accessories: Mirrors are great to use in the dining room especially if they can be hung in a way that reflects the outside. Try to position a mirror to reflect a garden, tree, or anything special to you from outside. You can also use the mirror to reflect a beautiful piece of art or a flower arrangement from the center piece on a dining room table. If you have a southeastern wall in your dining room you can use water to enhance your wealth by placing a wall fountain or a fish tank.
  6. Dining room table: Besides placement, the most important feature of a dining room table from a feng shui perspective is its shape. It’s ideal to have a round or oval table in the middle of the room. A rectangular shape is fine but it is best if its corners are softened. The best material for a dining room table is wood. I do not recommend metal or glass tables since they are cold and do not hold energy.
  7. Dining room lighting:  A chandelier above the dining room table is the ideal choice of lighting.  A crystal chandelier will activate the energy in the room andcreate an uplifting sparkling feeling. I love to dim the overhead light and use a lot of candles during family and guests gatherings. It always seems to slow down the time and have a magical, relaxing and mood enhancing effect.
  8. Plants in the dining room: Healthy, beautiful plants are a must in the dining room! They bring vitality, freshness and color. I especially like using larger plants with rounded leaves and flowers. Cut flower arrangements are fun to make and are also great in the dining room.

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