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Feng Shui for Teenagers

I wanted to share with you two very different stories of my work with teenagers’ spaces.  IMG_4479-1

Danielle was 15 when I consulted for her parents’ home. It was a beautiful, tastefully decorated suburban home. When I saw Danielle’s pink room with charming fairy tail princess white furniture I thought it is the room of five year old girl. I was pretty surprised and her mom explained that she doesn’t allow Danielle to make any changes. I could feel that Olivia loved her daughter very much but she was quite a perfectionist and didn’t trust that Danielle would make “right choices” decorating her room. Besides, Olivia was uncomfortable with “all of the teenage stuff” so she thought that she was “protecting her daughter from all of this”. I explained how important it was for Danielle to express who she was now and to make her own choices and suggested that Olivia should allow Danielle make some changes, beginning with hanging a few posters that represent something important to a 15 year old.

A year later I was called back and this time I’ve met Danielle. Her room was still the same, nothing changed. It came up in a conversation that she doesn’t perceive herself as a creative person and doesn’t quite know what she likes. Olivia was taken by surprise but immediately understood what happen. She said “Oh my God, it is totally my fault, we have to do something now!” Olivia’s confession helped Daniella to open up. We started to discuss colors and furniture options and Danielle started to get more and more interested in it and excited about the possibility of making changes. Quite spontaneously she started to come up with some pretty good ideas. I didn’t give Danielle too many guidelines, emphasizing that it is a good for her to try things and it is totally OK to make mistakes.  Many times I have observed in others and myself that fear of doing mistakes cripples our creativity and limits the flow of ideas and possibilities. It is a gift to our children to give them gentle support and provide them with opportunities to express themselves and learn from their mistakes and accomplishments.

Teenager’s rooms vary a great deal. It is quite easy for me to feel a teenager’s personality by just looking at their room. I can feel whether they are shy or confident, happy and balanced or angry and rebellious or depressed. Often parents whose children are not easy ask me for help after exhausting other resources.
I remember one case with a seriously depressed 13 years old boy who had a very dark green room with black curtains and some pretty disturbing posters. His mom said he requested those colors and despite her hesitation she helped him with it. I explained that her son created an environment that reflected his emotional state and no matter how much therapy he was doing his condition would hardly improve because his environment was depleting and depressing. Often it is very hard to convince teenagers to make any changes in their room but this was a case where I asked his mother to insist and suggested a more healing and uplifting color scheme.
Often parents report improvements in their children’s study and ability to concentrate after I suggest they move their children’s desk as well as improved sleep after I suggest moving their bed. Balancing the room with colors and natural elements helps to balance a child’s energy and their emotional state.


Flying Stars 2015 Annual Feng Shui Flying Stars and Predictions for 2015, Year of the Wood Sheep (or Goat)

Many would agree that 2014, the year of the Yang Wood Horse, was as intense as predicted from a personal and a global perspective. The year of the Yin Wood Sheep is about to begin and it promises to be a more gentle year. The Chinese lunar New Year is on Feb 19th and the solar New Year begins on Feb 4th.

The year is ruled by Yin Wood, Yin Earth and Yin Fire elements. Wood is in harmony with Fire but in disharmony with Earth which is the primary element this year. In Five Elements theory, Wood attacks Earth so we can predict international conflict and tension as well as natural disasters, including earthquakes. But considering the flexible nature of the Sheep and a more gentle Yin influence, this year should be more harmonious compared to 2014.

Because of the Sheep’s artistic nature you may feel inspired to do some home improvement projects or remodeling. Going with the flow and finding ways to express your creativity and talents is a good example of riding the energy of the year.

Flying Stars change their position on February 4th so it is advised to review your house chart to harness the luck of the new year and make sure you are not positioned for unexpected difficulties.

If you had your cures placed for 2014, remove them before February 4th. If they worked well for you then it’s likely that they absorbed some negative energy and should be discarded or recharged to remain effective. You can place new cures any time after February 4th.

2015 Flying Stars Chart

 Flying Stars for 2015


Afflictions Stars

wind-chime5-Yellow flies to the west this year. It may bring financial loss, illness, accidents and obstacles. The youngest daughter of the family is particularly vulnerable to this influence, especially if her bedroom is in the west.

The effects are neutralized with a strong metal element. It is recommended to place a six-rod wind chime outside on the west side of your property. Other remedies include six coins, wu lous or any other strong metal.

If this star falls at your front door, bedroom or kitchen, you may need some additional cures or considerations. It is advised to keep the area quiet and do not do any remodeling or construction to disturb the energy. If it falls into your bedroom, it is advised to move into an alternative bedroom if at all possible. Avoid using bright lights or red colors in the area.


Wu Lou2-Illness Star visits the southeast and brings illness. If it falls onto your front door or bedroom, pay particular attention. If it falls into your bedroom, it is advised to move into an alternative bedroom, especially if you are older or already have some health issues.

Metal is used to absorb and neutralize this energy. Remedies include wu lous, six coins or a medicine Buddha. Some Wood element, such as a healthy plant, is also very helpful to contradict the effects of 2. Avoid using bright lights, red colors and having a lot of activities in the area.


Candles3-Argumentative Star flies to the center of the building. This star brings arguments, misunderstandings and trouble. Use the Fire element to drain it. Anything with reds will do, especially a red rug, candles or pillow.



bamboo7-Violent Star moves into the south. This star brings arguments, lawsuits, unlucky events, and even robbery. You may have some troubles if it falls on your front or back door. If falls into your bedroom you can expect arguments and stress. Use the Water element or a bamboo plant in a clear glass vase to diminish its influence. One of the traditional cures is a pair of rhinoceroses as they considered to be water animals and protectors.


Auspicious Stars

8 rods chime8-Auspicious Wealth Star resides in the north. This star brings wealth, opportunities, success, and happiness. It is especially lucky if your front door is in the north. If your front or back door is in the north, using it will activate opportunities and luck. Strengthen it with 8 coins, and crystals. An eight rods wind chime with a crystal is great enhancement for the north this year.


chinesecoins9-Future Prosperity Star flies to the southwest. This star relates to fame and future prosperity. It will also strengthen the luck of the woman of the house. Activate it with 9 coins on a red string. Using red décor elements is very auspicious in the southwest this year.




Water Fountain1-Lucky White Star flies to the east. This star relates to career and business success. It is a wealth Water star and it is in harmony with the Wood element of the east. Therefore using the Water element will strengthen it, along with being active in the area.




buddha6-Favorable Heaven Star moves into the northeast. This star brings good fortune, especially to the young males of the family. It’s great if it falls into the office, bedrooms, front or back door. Activate it with 6 coins, or place a talisman that has a special personal meaning.




swans4-Romance and Scholastic Star is in the northwest. This star brings romantic opportunities and luck to those pursuing studies. It can bring networking opportunities and wealth. Placing a plant or a special symbol will help to activate those aspects.




Additional Annual Afflictions (Shar Chi) and Renovation Rules

3chilinThree Killings is in the west (225°-315°).

It is not recommended to sit with your back to the west. Three celestial guardians are used to suppress this affliction.


Grand Duke amuletGrand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) is in the southwest (202.5°-217.5°).

Display a Tai Sui talisman in the room that is affected or carry it with you if you are born in the year of the Sheep, Ox, Dragon and Dog. It is not recommended to sit facing SW this year.



Both afflictions can bring robbery, lawsuits, legal problems, quarrels and potential injuries so they are not to be taken lightly, especially if your front door, office or bedroom is in the SW. It is advised to avoid renovation or substantial construction in this area.

For additional tips, read my blog post on “Preparing your Home for the New Year”

Dining Room Feng Shui Tips

Eight Tips on how to create good Feng Shui in your Dining Room

Dining Room Feng Shui

Feng shui consultant Louise Klein’s dining room

“Sharing meals with loved ones in a beautiful environment is a ritual of such importance that it has been honored in every culture around the world.”
Denise Linn

I love these words by Denise Linn who I studied with many years ago.  A dining room contributes to health and harmonious relationships between family members. In traditional Chinese feng shui a dining room relates to wealth. In Chinese culture there is a straight correlation between the size of the dining room and wealth: the more people we can feed the wealthier we are!

Tips for good dining room feng shui

  1. Dining room location: The most auspicious location of a dining room within a house is considered to be southeast and south. Not surprisingly these two directions relate to wealth and fame.
  2.  Dining room usage: Ideally, the dining room should be used often and free of clutter. You may want to say goodbye to those projects and piles of papers that have been residing on a dining room table for several months.. If you don’t use the room and it’s cluttered, the energy stagnates which can cause stagnation in your finances.
  3. Dining room wall colors should be warm, earthy and have a nourishing vibe. For example, yellow stimulates conversation and digestion, red stimulates appetite, and sage green brings freshness and vitality. A cold blue color would is the least appropriate for the dining room walls and décor.
  4.  Art in the dining room: Choose art for your dining room that gives you a feeling of wealth and abundance. It’s personal but some examples that work for me are landscapes, seascapes, fruit or flowers. Your choice of art should also reflect the elements needed to enhance wealth in the particular space.
  5. Dining room accessories: Mirrors are great to use in the dining room especially if they can be hung in a way that reflects the outside. Try to position a mirror to reflect a garden, tree, or anything special to you from outside. You can also use the mirror to reflect a beautiful piece of art or a flower arrangement from the center piece on a dining room table. If you have a southeastern wall in your dining room you can use water to enhance your wealth by placing a wall fountain or a fish tank.
  6. Dining room table: Besides placement, the most important feature of a dining room table from a feng shui perspective is its shape. It’s ideal to have a round or oval table in the middle of the room. A rectangular shape is fine but it is best if its corners are softened. The best material for a dining room table is wood. I do not recommend metal or glass tables since they are cold and do not hold energy.
  7. Dining room lighting:  A chandelier above the dining room table is the ideal choice of lighting.  A crystal chandelier will activate the energy in the room andcreate an uplifting sparkling feeling. I love to dim the overhead light and use a lot of candles during family and guests gatherings. It always seems to slow down the time and have a magical, relaxing and mood enhancing effect.
  8. Plants in the dining room: Healthy, beautiful plants are a must in the dining room! They bring vitality, freshness and color. I especially like using larger plants with rounded leaves and flowers. Cut flower arrangements are fun to make and are also great in the dining room.

Kitchen Feng Shui Tips

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms. It is the heart of a home and relates to nourishment. The most important object in the kitchen is the stove. In traditional Chinese feng shui, the stove relates to wealth so its placement and its Fire element have to be strong.

Kitchen Feng Shui by Natalia Kaylin

Kitchen Feng Shui by Natalia Kaylin

Feng Shui Stove Placement Tips

I have to admit, that it is much easier to implement feng shui principles for the kitchen and the best feng shui stove placement when we build a new home. A lot of feng shui knowledge goes into making these architectural and design decisions.

For example, the stove should not be visible from the entrance, and it is best if there is a solid wall behind it so the energy is not dispersed but gathered. Also, there should not be a bathroom on the other side of the stove, especially a toilet, shower, or basically any water pipes.

We have 3 main different types of energy in the kitchen: Fire (the stove), Water (the sink) and Metal (the fridge). The way these elements interact with each other is Water puts fire out and Metal cools fire down. Therefore we want these 3 objects to be separated. A triangular design for the kitchen works the best.

We also need to keep directions in mind for the ideal stove placement. The stove is better in the E, SE or S rather than W or NW areas. We also take into the consideration the DOB of the person who is going to cook, and calculate the Flying Stars. But even implementing just the tips that I mentioned earlier is a good start.

Strengthening the Fire Element

If the house is already designed and we cannot control placement then we can work on strengthening the fire of the stove. From my clients feedback these simple things can make a big difference.

Adding reds in the kitchen will add more warmth and strengthen Fire element of the stove. I love working with color and art as it is usually the easiest way to bring a desired outcome. Fire relates to fun and joy. If we can express these qualities in the kitchen the person who cooks will be in a good and creative mood. I guarantee, the food will not only taste better but will be more nourishing!

The other element that I love to implement in the kitchen is the Earth element. Earth relates to stability, nourishment, digestion and the corresponding color is yellow. Yellow brings sunlight and warmth to the kitchen, making it a happy place where people want to be.

I love having fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs in the kitchen. Any natural materials such as a woven basket or things made of ceramic or clay would bring a feeling of authenticity and fun.

Happy cooking!


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