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Feng Shui Flying Stars in 2021, the year of the Metal Ox

Many want to forget 2020 and go back to how things were. The truth is that we probably will be reflecting on 2020 for some time: what really happened to us as individuals, families and a society in general, and where to go from here? We were shaken out of our comfort zone and may be out of our sleepiness. There were many valuable lessons. One of them is if humans are put in unusual or difficult circumstances, some seem to resist the change and become angry and victimized, and others seem to find the inner strength to overcome and grow. And some even thrive on changes. I believe we’ve changed in many different ways and some changes are positive and long awaited. To name a few, we are a little wiser, more compassionate, definitely more connected with each other and nature. May be even more centered and connected with ourselves. I don’t think you just forget all of this and go back to the way it was! A year is a long time for some permanent changes to take place in our consciousness and the trial is not even over yet. I look forward to seeing how these new things will play out in 2021. How we will engage with life and work and how the lessons that we’ve learned will manifest on an individual and a global level?  

The year of the Metal Rat, 2020 was the beginning of a new cycle. It was interesting to reread my last year’s article, which I wrote before we knew about COVID-19. I talked about the big wave sweeping the shore and clearing it from accumulated junk so we can begin again fresh and renewed. Did we let go enough of the things that we don’t want and don’t need anymore? If not, there is still time. Could the year of the Ox be that clean slate in which we are ready to build a new healthier foundation for ourselves and our society? The Ox does have that potential. 

2021 is the Yin Metal Ox. The Ox is ruled by Earth element and Earth and Metal are in the harmonious relationship. We may expect more harmony than the last two years, however, this combination of elements is somewhat harsh and cold. I would not expect too much fun and entertainment happening. The Ox is hardworking, obstinate and serious. It is also willful and forthright. The Yin aspect of the Metal may make things a little smoother, but there is definitely lots of hard work and some difficulties to overcome ahead of us. 

I believe that our luck to some degree is in our hands. Feng Shui or our environment, if you like, is a part of it. As usual, you can align yourself with the energy of success and prevent some big mishaps by updating a yearly Feng Shui of your home. 

If you had your cures placed for 2020, remove them at the end of January. If they worked well for you, then it’s likely that they absorbed some negative energy and should be discarded or recharged to remain effective. As always, use your judgment whether you need to buy new items or cleanse and reuse the ones you have. Rinse with water the ones you can. Then put all of them outside for about 24 hours under the sun and moon. When you bring the cures in, burn an incense for an hour or more near them. You can do this last step any time before or on the day you are going to place them. 

The new Stars become effective on February 3rd this year. You can place your cures for 2021 any time on or after February 3rd. Choose the time when you are uninterrupted. Placing cures is not a mechanical thing, the more you are centered and have a clear intention, the better cures will work for you.  Also, do not buy an item that you do not feel connected with. Try to find something that resonates with you. For example, if you don’t feel comfortable with using Five Elements Pagoda or Wu Lou, you can use 6 rods metal wind chimes, six coins or a metal clock. 

A General Rule
to remember is when a positive or negative Stars visits the facing or sitting direction of your house, your entrance, bedroom, kitchen, office or any area where you spend time, the positive or negative effect will be magnified. If a positive or negative Star falls into a storage or restroom, its positive influence is lost and negative influence is neutralized.  

The good news in 2021 is the 6-Favorable Heaven Star will move into the centerof the building replacing the 7- Loss and Robbery Star.Center is the heart of the household and whatever energy is in the center, it will influence the entire house. Last year #7 in the center did bring losses to many households. 

Because this year many of us are continuing to spend more time at home, I will mention family members that might be affected positively or negatively by the Stars this year.

Flying Stars 2021

Auspicious Stars

8-The Most Auspicious Prosperity and Wealth Star is visiting W this year. This Wealth Star has the potential to bring new wealth opportunities, success and happiness. This influence is very beneficial for the youngest daughter and people who were born in the year of the Rooster. You can add any wealth symbol that is appropriate for you. Examples are a Water element, wealth Buddha, crystals or coins. 

9-Future Prosperity Multiplying Star will reside in the NE. This Star relates to fame, joy and future wealth. As we approach period 9 that starts in 2024, this Star becomes more important. Star 9 will benefit the youngest son this year and people born in the years of the Ox and Tiger. To enhance this positive influence, place 9 coins or display a red colored item in the NE. You can also place a personal symbol or a picture that associates with a future wealth. 

1-Lucky White Star will be flying to the S. This Star relates to career, leadership, business success and promotion. It is a Wealth Water Star and regarded as a Victory Star. The nature of the Star is Water and the element of the S is Fire.  Water element would be in clash with the Fire of the south, therefore the most appropriate would be to place a personal symbol that relates to these aspects. A traditional Chinese symbol is a Victory Banner. White crystals and a white orchid can be used as well. The middle daughter and people who were born in the year of the Horse will benefit from this influence. 

6-Favorable Heaven Star will be in the center this year.Star #6 brings an investment luck or a mentor luck.  Sometimes it is referred to as an unexpected Windfall Star. The appropriate items to enhance this Star are wealth Buddha, six coins or any other personal symbol of wealth. If there is a right place for it, creating a Wealth Altar with putting together a few wealth related items is a good idea. 

4-Romance and Scholastic Star visits E this year.This is a broad spectrum Star which brings wealth, new romantic opportunities and luck to those pursuing studies. This is a Wood Star, and the Wood element is very appropriate in the E. Adding new healthy plants and green colored items will support this positive influence. For those interested in enhancing new romantic opportunities, a symbol of love such as a picture or figurine depicting love or 2 pieces of rose quartz pieces or hearts will be great.  And if you need to get extra support for your or your kids’ studies, you can add an object that represents achievements in education. The eldest son and people born in the year of the Rabbit are influenced by this Star. Good news for those born in the year of the Rabbit who are open for new romantic opportunities!  

Afflictions Stars

5-Yellow, the most challenging Star visiting the SE this year. This influence is associated with troubles, financial loss, illness, accidents and obstacles. 

It is a Yellow Earth Star, therefore the ill effects are neutralized with a strong Metal element. The best way to diminish this influence is to hang a large to medium size six-rod metal wind chime outside, in the SE of your property.  If SE is the direction your house is facing, if your front door, kitchen, bedroom or back door are in the SE, you may need some additional cures and balancing of the Five Elements. If your bedroom is in the SE and you have some health issues, it is advised to move into an alternative bedroom if at all possible. If your front door is in the SE and you have an alternative door, then use that door more often.

The elements and cures are aimed to weaken the Earth element of the #5. The Water, Wood and Metal elements in the SE will help to neutralize this malevolent influence.  Wood element is native to the SE and supports wealth. Wood destroys Earth. Earth destroys Water, therefore Water takes away energy from the Earth. Water is very beneficial in the SE, because it also nourishes Wood (wealth). Metal is best for draining the #5, but Metal cuts the Wood (wealth), so make sure you have plenty of Water and Wood elements in the SE this year.  

Additional remedies include the Five Element Pagoda, Six Coins, Wu Lou and metal clocks.

SE is the direction of the oldest daughter and people born in the years of the Dragon and Snake. You may want to place a small cure such as 6 coins or a metal clock or Wu Lou in their room. 

It is advised to keep the area quiet and do not do any remodeling or construction or digging the earth in the SE to disturb the energy. Planting flowers is ok, but do not plant red or yellow flowers. Blues or whites are best in the SE this year. 

2-Illness Star will occupythe N sector of a building this year. It is a Black Earth Star so Metal element is used to drain its influence. Traditional remedies include Wu Lou, Six Coins or a Medicine Buddha.You may also use any metal statue of a deity of your spiritual tradition. It is advised to keep the N quiet and do not do any remodeling or construction to disturb the energy. If your bedroom is in the N and you have some health issues, it is advised to remedy it well or even move to an alternative bedroom. If your front door or family room or kitchen is in the N, you may need additional cures. N is the direction of the middle son and the people who are born in the year of the Rat, so you may place 6 coins, Wu Lou or a metal clock in their room by their bed or in their office even if their room is not located in the N. 

3-Argumentative Star flies to the SW this year. It is a Wood Star and can bring arguments, stress, misunderstandings and legal problems. SW is the direction of the mother of the family and people born in the years of Sheep and Monkey. This Star has quite an aggressive influence for the SW because it is of a Wood nature and the element of the SW is Earth. Wood destroys Earth and therefore a female’s health. All middle and older aged women should be careful this year. Specifically digestive and reproductive systems may be affected by this Star. Improving your diet, sleep, taking the right supplements, exercising and making sure to have enough rest, is the key this year for women. 

If your bedroom is in the SW, expect more arguments and tension. The Fire element is used to counteract this influence. Fire is beneficial as it supports the Earth element of the SW. Red pillows, red crystals, red candles and bright lights are examples of the items that are appropriate here. If you are currently having a litigation, then you may need some additional cures and balancing of the elements. 

7-Loss Star moves to the NW. This Star brings tension, stress, robbery and loss. It is a Metal Star and it may negatively influence a father of a breadwinner of the family and people born in years of the Dog and Pig. The Water element and blue colored items will minimize this influence. A traditional cure for this Star is a pair of rhinoceroses or a plaque with a Rhino and an Elephant image that you can hang on the wall.

Additional Annual Afflictions (Shar Chi) and Renovation Rules

Three Killings is in the E (52.5°-127.5°)

Avoid sitting in your office facing W this year since your back will be exposed to this negative influence. Three celestial guardians, Chi Lins are used to suppress this affliction. Especially those born in the year of the Rabbit might be vulnerable and must be protected.

Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) is in the NE (22.5°-37.5°).

Display a Tai Sui talisman in the room that is affected or carry it with you if you are born in the year of the Ox and Sheep. It is recommended not to face NE this year. 

Sui Po (Year Breaker) is in the SW (202.5°-217.5°)

A pair of Pi Yao is used to remedy this influence. 

All three afflictions can bring legal problems, accidents and potential injuries and they are not to be taken lightly if your front door, office or bedroom are in those sectors. It is advised to avoid renovation or substantial construction in these areas.


I look forward to hearing from those who I see every winter and spring for annual Feng Shui updates. All consults are virtual at this time.  

My warmest wishes to you. May the Ox support your hard work on building a strong foundation for you and your family. Most importantly, stay healthy and well. 

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