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Riding the Time Of Change

Feng Shui consultant Natalia Kaylin in responce to COVID-19

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What a powerful and unprecedented time to live in! Never before have we felt so united and never before have we felt so vulnerable. Never before has there been an opportunity for the whole world to push the reset button
 and start fresh

It has been a time of loss, trial and challenge for many and it’s been a time of courage, service and re-connection for many. There is something very real and truthful about this time. Among all the difficult things that we’ve been seeing and experiencing, we also have been discovering our capacity for love and caring for each other. It’s been humbling and reassuring to see how beautiful people are and how much they care. We hear about medical professionals who serve with courage and self-sacrifice. We hear about many acts of kindness in our communities and families. Some bring food for elderly and sick. Others spend endless hours helping children to adjust to the new way of doing homework. And some still go to work every day knowing that they may get sick. Our hearts are hurting for our children who will miss their high school and college graduations and start new life with such uncertainty. Our hearts are hurting for those who lost their jobs and even lost their loved ones.

Majority of us stay at home and the way we feel about ourselves and people who are closest to us is magnified. It’s in our faces right now, because finally we have more time with ourselves and cannot hide behind our usual activities and cover it up with our busyness. Relationships are definitely being tested these days and many of us are getting clarity on oh, so many aspects of our lives!

We were chronically stressed and so out of touch with ourselves and people who are closest and dearest. Perhaps we are learning day by day that we don’t need all those material things that we spend hours searching, researching and buying? Perhaps we don’t even need or enjoy all the activities we are involved in? Perhaps we are beginning to see that “simpler” and “less” is better? Perhaps we are learning to make more room for each other and ourselves? Perhaps we are increasing our capacity to listen, feel and appreciate each other? And if it is really happening, perhaps all we’ve lost will be worth it?

Two weeks ago I wanted to write about clearing the clutter in our homes. It is spring and finally we have time to do it. I typically do it twice a year and this is a perfect time to do it but I didn’t want to do it! Somehow it didn’t feel right and now I know why. I allowed myself to follow my inner guidance and all I wanted to do was let go and just “be” rather than “do” and allow this gift of time to carry me deeper into myself to see what my soul needed and wanted.  

I could hear a little voice telling me that I am not being productive, not doing enough of “this” and avoiding “that” and wasting all of this wonderful time. It was scary and uncomfortable at first and I realized that this voice is always there. I just don’t hear it because I am busy. So I stood my ground and kept not doing much and allowed myself to see what’s really there. Along with the voice of self-criticism and judgement and regret, I noticed at times there were glimpses of joy and light shining through and I started to pay attention more and more to these glimpses. I would feel them when I went for a walk or just walked around the garden, or cooked our dinners or talked to people on the phone. I felt more and more at peace, even my body started to relax and my 10 years old backache started to release. I still didn’t want to clear clutter, somehow it felt like a responsibility, but a few creative ideas started to come in and I also started to feel what I want to do rather than what I have to do. Eventually I started to meditate more and do more yoga and it made a big difference when it was done from the space “I want to” rather than “I have to”. I could see that it is quite unavoidable for the inspiration and joy to raise from this more relaxed state. I remember reading recently that people in India were surprised how blue and clear the sky is. They’ve never seen it like this before because of the permanent pollution. Maybe it is a very similar thing happening in our souls? When we are not in a constant buzz of busyness, going from one thing to another without any breaks, stressed to the extent that we are in a chronic state of “fight or flight”, when we allow to relax and let go even a little bit, the joy and inspiration are always there, just like the blue sky is always there too.

This slowing down nourishes something inside. Something inside finally relaxes, starts to trust and starts to feel comfortable with ourselves and surroundings. Maybe the first time in a long time despite all of the turbulence in the world we feel peace and joy and quietness? And from this state of quiet joy we can walk and talk and cook and create and relate to others.

I believe this time is a gift to us. If we have a chance to feel light, joy and quiet strength inside even once, we will know it is there and can always come back to it.

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Happy spring!


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