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Annual Feng Shui Flying Stars for 2018, Year of the Earth Dog

The main element of the Dog is Yang Earth, and this also happens to be the year of the Yang Earth Dog, so the Earth element is doubly represented and very strong this year.  If Earth is your helpful element, you will thrive this year, but if it is not you may experience some difficulties. Too much Earth may result in tension, stagnation and obstacles. Watch out for weight gain and clutter accumulation as these are the signs of an unbalanced Earth influence! But if the Earth effect is timely and positive you will feel nourished. There will be clarity and things will feel manageable and under control. Being aware of your Four Pillars astrology will help you maximize positive outcomes and navigate any potential pitfalls.

If you had your cures placed for 2017, remove them just a few days before February 4th. If they worked well for you then they likely absorbed some negative energy and should be discarded or recharged to remain effective. Read my previous blog on how to renew your cures. You can place new cures any time on or after February 4th.

Flying Stars 2018


Auspicious Stars

8-The Most Auspicious Water Wealth Star moves to the SE this year.

This is extremely lucky since the SE is the direction of wealth and is in harmony with the Water element. Therefore this Star has the potential to bring exceptional wealth, new opportunities, success and happiness. It is especially lucky if the SE is your building’s facing direction or the location of your front or back door. Add crystals and bright lights to the area or even a water fountain to enhance and activate the energy.  If your family room or dining room is in the SE, spend more time there with people as it will help to activate the energy even more. On contrary, if your storage, garage or restroom is in the SE, the good energy is wasted there. If there is anything broken in the SE you must fix it and if there is any clutter you need to remove it. The energy flow should be unobstructed.  Your oldest daughter will benefit from this influence, especially if her bedroom is in the SE.


9-Future Prosperity Multiplying Star will reside in the center.

This Star relates to fame, future prosperity and joy. It is a Fire Star and it is in harmony with the Earth energy of the center. If you want to further enhance it, you can use anything red such as a rug, pillow, candle, bright light, art or a Nine Coins on a red string. But be careful and do not use too much red if you have Earth Flying Stars 5s and 2s in the center as they will clash and lead to tension.


 1-Lucky White Star will be flying to the NW.

This Star relates to career and business success and promotion. It is a Wealth Water Star and the energy of the NW is Metal so their elements are in harmony. I would not recommend adding more Water to the NW as it will diminish Metal’s support for Helpful People and the male head of the family. Do nothing there or enhance the Metal element with crystals, coins and metal wind chimes.


6-Favorable Metal Heaven Star moves into the SW.

This Metal Star brings luck and good fortune, especially of a speculative kind, for example, investment luck. If your front or back door is in the SW you will benefit from this influence. The nature of the SW is Earth and this star is Metal so you don’t need to do much to activate it, but if you’d like you can add a Six Coins. I also recommend adding a white or rose quartz to strengthen the Earth element which supports the mother of the family, as the Metal Star 6 will slightly diminish her energy.


4-Romance and Scholastic Star is in the South and it is in harmony with this direction.

Wood will support the Fire energy of the South so you may see increased energy in your fame aspect. This Star brings new romantic opportunities and luck to those pursuing studies. It can bring networking opportunities and wealth, especially if your front door is in the S. It is a Wood Star so activate it with a green or flowering plant or a special symbol that reflects your pursuits.


Afflictions Stars

5-Yellow, the most malevolent Star visiting North this year.

This influence is associated with troubles, financial loss, illness, accidents and obstacles. It is a Yellow Earth Star, therefore the effects are neutralized using a strong Metal element. The best way to neutralize its influence is hanging a large six-rod metal wind chime outside on the northern side of your property.

If the North is your home’s facing direction or if your front door, kitchen or back door are in the north you may need some additional cures and a balance of the Five Elements. If your bedroom is in the North and you have some health issues, move into a different bedroom, if at all possible. If your front door is in the North, use an alternate entrance more often if you have one.

Traditional remedies include the Five Element Pagoda, Six Coins, and Wu Lou but you can also use any metal decor such as clocks and vases. If you spend time in northern room, choose one or two that resonate with you the most. Remove Earth and Fire décor elements from the North. Wood and Water elements, on the other hand, are fine there.

It is also recommended to keep the area quiet and avoid remodeling, construction and any major digging that disturbs the earth. Planting flowers is okay, but do not plant red or yellow flowers. Stick to blues and whites in the North this year.


2-Illness Star will reside in the Western sector this year.    

It is a Black Earth Star so the Metal element is used to absorb and neutralize this influence. A Wu Lou, Six Coins or medicine Buddha are the traditional remedies. You may also use a metal object from your spiritual tradition. A talisman works best if you have a connection to it. Avoid using Fire and Earth elements in the West this year, as they will reinforce this malevolent influence. Try to keep the area quiet and do not do any major remodeling or construction to disturb the energy. Small projects like painting are fine. If your bedroom is in the W and you have some health issues, it is advised to move into an alternative bedroom or remedy it well if this is not possible. The West is the children’s area of the Bagua, so if your front door or family room is in the West, you may need additional cures.


3-Argumentative Star flies to the NE this year.

It is a Green Wood Star and can bring arguments, misunderstandings and legal problems. The Fire element is used to neutralize this influence. Since Fire is not very compatible with the NE, do not overuse it as it may bring disharmony. A piece of red paper or a red candle will be sufficient. Metal is also beneficial in neutralizing Wood. If you are in a vulnerable position and facing litigation you may need some additional cures and considerations. If your oldest son occupies the NE room then he might need some additional support this year.


7-Violent Star moves to the East.

This Star brings tension, stress, and even robbery. It is a Metal Star that diminishes the Wood element of the East. Since the East relates to family we may expect some increased tension and stress in the home. The Water element will minimize this influence so using blues in the East this year will help with family harmony. One of the traditional cures is a pair of rhinoceroses as they are water animals and protectors.



Additional Annual Afflictions (Shar Chi) and Renovation Rules


Three Killings is in the North (315°-45°).

It is not recommended to sit with your back to the North. Three celestial guardians are used to suppress this affliction.




Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) is in the Northwest (292.5°-307.5°).

Display a Tai Sui talisman in the room that is affected or carry it with you if you are born in the year of the Dog, Dragon, Ox and Sheep. It is not recommended to sit facing NW this year.


Both afflictions can bring legal problems, accidents and potential injuries so they are not to be taken lightly if your front door, office or bedroom are in those sectors. It is advised to avoid renovation or substantial construction in these areas.










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