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Annual Feng Shui Flying Stars and predictions for 2017, Year of the Fire Rooster

Annual Feng Shui Flying Stars and predictions for 2017, Year of the Fire Rooster

The Rooster is flamboyant, energetic and intelligent. It can be self-centered, confident and volatile. The elemental composition of the year is Yin Fire (Heavenly Stem) on top of Yin Metal (Earthy Branch). This represents an elemental clash (Fire destroys Metal), suggesting tension, stress and conflict. In this regard, 2017 is similar to 2016, the year of the Fire Monkey and my predictions for last year proved to be pretty accurate. The difference is that this year’s forces are Yin while last year’s forces were Yang which are more open, enthusiastic and straight forward. Yin forces have a tendency to accumulate and then erupt under the right circumstances. So this year can be more eruptive and violent than last year.  More political tensions, international conflicts, terrorist attacks, explosions and fire disasters can be expected.

There is always a positive side as well. The Fire element brings hope, warmth and excitement. Nobody can expect stability under two clashing elements, but investors are more enthusiastic in Fire years so stock markets tend to do better. Last year was a good example of this volatility and growth. But beware with your investments towards the end of the year! As the Fire element diminishes its influence in the fall market downturns can be expected.

I am not posting this info just for entertainment. If we meet difficulties with awareness and caution, the outcome can be much better. The best way to deal with tension in political and economic arenas is to match it with maturity, wisdom and calmness. One side of the Fire element is aggression and violence but the other side is warmth and love. So let us channel the Fire element of the year to bring care and kindness to our families and communities in these challenging times!

In traditional Chinese medicine, Fire is associated with the heart and blood circulation.  Metal is related to lungs, skin and the immune system. People with weaknesses in these areas should pay more attention to their health, eat well, exercise, de-stress and take additional supplements to strengthen the heart and immune system. This is especially important for people with weak Fire and weak Metal elements. The sickness influence (Flying Stars#2 and #5) are occupying NW and S this year so if your front door or bedroom are in these areas you should put more effort into your health.

People born in the year of the Rooster or Rabbit may have a difficult year and may benefit from carrying a protective talisman this year.  However, predictions based only on the year of birth are not very reliable. It is always advisable to do a full Four Pillars of destiny chart to understand how to benefit from the energy of the year.

Flying Stars change their position on February 4th so it is advised to review your house’s chart before this date to harness the new year’s luck and make sure you are not positioned for unexpected difficulties.

If you had your cures placed for 2016, remove them just a few days before February 4th. If they worked well for you then it’s likely that they absorbed some negative energy and should be discarded or recharged to remain effective. You can place new cures any time on or after February 4th.

Flying Stars 2017

Afflictions Stars

5-Yellow, the most malevolent Star is in the south this year. It is associated with financial loss, illness, accidents and obstacles.

It is an Earth Star, therefore the effects are neutralized with a strong Metal element. The best way to neutralize this influence is to hang a large to medium sized six-rod wind chime outside on the southern side of your property.

If south is your house’s facing direction, or, if your front door, kitchen or back door are in the south, you may need some additional cures or elemental balancing. If your bedroom is in the south and you have some health issues, it is advised to move into an alternate bedroom if at all possible. If your front door is in the south and you have an alternate door, use that door more often.

Additional remedies include the Five Element Pagoda, Six Coins, Wu Lou, metal clocks, metal vases or other metal décor. You don’t need all of them.  Depending how vulnerable your situation is, choose one or two that resonate with you most.

Remove Earth or Fire elements from the south sector of your house or office because these elements will strengthen the 5-Yellow Star. The Wood element is very good there. It is advised to keep the area quiet avoid any remodeling or construction that might disturb the energy.

2-Illness Star will occupy the northwestern sector of a building this year.

It is a Black Earth Star and Metal is used to absorb and neutralize this influence. Traditional remedies include the Wu Lou, Six Coins or a medicine Buddha. You may use any metal statue of a deity of your spiritual tradition. Talismans work best if it’s something that you have a personal connection to. Avoid using Fire and Earth elements in the area as they will strengthen this Star. It is advised to keep the area avoid remodeling or construction.  If your bedroom is in the NW and you have some health issues, it is advised to move into an alternate bedroom if possible. The NW relates to the father of the family so men or breadwinners are more affected.

3-Argumentative Star flies to the west.

It is a Green Wood Star and can bring arguments, misunderstandings and legal problems. Fire element is used to neutralize this influence. Since west is a Metal Bagua, sector you need to avoid introducing excessive Fire there which can bring disharmony. My advice is to use Fire in moderation in the west. A piece of red paper, a red envelope or a red candle will do.


7-Violent Star moves to the southwest. This Star brings tension, stress, and even robbery. It is a Metal Star so the Water element will diminish its influence. If it falls on your front or back door you may consider using a remedy. If falls into your bedroom you can expect more arguments. Women will be affected more than men. One of the traditional cures is a pair of rhinoceroses as they are considered to be water animals and protectors.


Auspicious Stars

8-Auspicious Wealth Star resides in the east. This Star brings wealth, opportunities, success, and happiness. It is especially lucky if east of your building’s facing direction or your front or even back door is in the east. This star will activate opportunities and luck. If you want to strengthen your luck further, add crystals and bright lights to the area. If it is the location of your living room or dining room, spend more time there and having gatherings will activate the energy even more. The best enhancer for this auspicious influence is the Water element. If you want to make a big change, I advise placing a water feature in the East.

9-Future Prosperity Star
flies to the southeast. This star relates to fame, future prosperity and joy. It is a Fire Star. If you want to enhance it you can place a healthy plant or a Nine Coins on a red string and add some reds and bright lights. Using the area also helps to activate this positive influence.



1-Lucky White Star will be residing in the center. This Star relates to career, business success and promotion. It is a Wealth Water Star and the energy of the center relates to the Earth element so in most cases you don’t need to do anything.



6-Favorable Heaven Star moves into the north. This star brings luck and good fortune, especially of a speculative kind. If your front or back door is in the north you will benefit from this influence. Activate it with Six Coins, crystals or metal decor.



4-Romance and Scholastic Star is in the northeast. This star brings new romantic opportunities and luck to those pursuing studies. It can bring networking opportunities and wealth. It is a Wood Star so placing a plant or a special symbol that reflects your pursuits will help activate those aspects.


Additional Annual Afflictions (Shar Chi) and Renovation Rules

Three Killings is in the east (45°-135°).

It is not recommended to sit with your back to the East. Three celestial guardians are used to suppress this affliction.

Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) is in the west (262.5°-278.5°).

Display a Tai Sui talisman in the room that is affected or carry it with you if you are born in the year of the Rooster, Rabbit, Rat or Horse. It is not recommended to sit facing West this year.

Both afflictions can bring legal problems, accidents and potential injuries so they are not to be taken lightly, especially if your front door, office or bedroom are in those sectors. It is advised to avoid renovation or substantial construction in these areas.

For those who are interested in learning more about these annual influences with the opportunity to ask questions, I am offering a webinar. The format will be similar to the workshop I teach every year in January at Circles of Wisdom. This year you can join me from a comfort of your home.

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Wishing you a great year of the Fire Rooster!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch

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