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Annual Feng Shui Flying Stars and Predictions for 2016, Year of the Fire Monkey


Bumpy rides inpolitical and economics arenas will continue as we enter the year of the Fire Monkey on February 8th. The elemental composition of the year, Yang Fire (Heavenly Stem) sitting on Yang Metal (Earthy Branch, Monkey) represents tension. In Five Elements cycle Fire destroys Metal so ups and downs are expected throughout the year. However the Fire element of the year will bring

more enthusiasm and hope. Stock markets generally do better in Fire years as investors ride on a sense of optimism, but no stability is granted this year!
There will be plenty of political tension but the nature of it will be different as Fire is more open and enthusiastic in comparing with Wood elements’ violent and destructive influence in the previous two years. There is a lot of force in Fire element, but hopefully more chances for diplomacy and positive outcomes than in Wood years.

The Monkey is intelligent, exciting and sharp. We can expect that technology and science will thrive this year. There might be some breakthroughs and new inventions on the way! I personally will be watching with a great anticipation for more results from a Large Hadron Collider. It is quite possible that a mysterious collision that was seen in December that doesn’t fit the Standard Model might be a beginning of new physics and a new way we will see the world.

The Monkey is also fast, witty and vigilant. There will be a sense of speedy events and changes throughout the year. Chinese Masters say that to do well in a year of the Monkey you will need to outsmart the Monkey, therefore think twice before making any important decisions especially financial and business decisions.

Health alert for everyone. More sickness is anticipated this year as the annual Flying Star 2, which is a sickness Star, will be relocating to the center of a building. This year taking care of your health by adding more exercise and a healthier diet plus taking time to release stress will pay off a big way! Preventative measures are always preferable.

Flying Stars change their position on February 4th so it is advisable to review your house chart to harness the luck of the new year and make sure you are not positioned for unexpected difficulties.

If you had your remedies placed for 2015, remove them just a few days before February 4th. If they worked well for you then it’s likely that they absorbed some negative energy and should be discarded or recharged to remain effective. You can place new remedies any time on or after February 4th.


2016 Flying Stars

Flying Stars 2016 table


Afflictions Stars


5-Yellow is in the northeast this year. It associates with financial loss, illness, accidents and obstacles.
The effects are neutralized with a strong Metal element. I recommend placing a six-rod wind chime outside on the NE side of your property. If NE is your house’s facing direction, or, if your front door, bedroom or kitchen, back door are in the NE, you may need some additional remedies or considerations. If your bedroom is in the NE and you have some health issues, it is advised to move into an alternative bedroom if at all possible. It affects the youngest son of the family especially if his bedroom is in the NE.

Additional remedies include Five Element Pagoda, Kalachakra Stupa, Six Coins, Wu Lou, metal clocks, metal vases or other metal décor. You don’t need all of them but depending how vulnerable your situation is choose one or two that resonate with you the most. Make sure there are no Earth or Fire elements present in the NE sector as they will strengthen this malevolent Star. Water element is good in the NE this year. Wood element is fine too, but in moderation.  It is advised to keep the area quiet and do not do any remodeling or construction to disturb the energy.


SL15069-3wulou2-Illness Star will occupy the center of a building this year. It is a tricky situation because the center of a building relates to health. In many cases it is not so easy to remedy because it is often an open area.
Metal element is used to absorb and neutralize this energy. Remedies include Wu Lou, Six Coins or a medicine Buddha. Avoid using Fire and Earth elements in the area as they will strengthen this Star. It is advised to keep the area quiet and do not do any remodeling or construction to disturb the energy. If it is not possible to place a remedy in the center of your house or business and you already have health problems, I advise to get a personal protective talisman and carry it with you.


il_214x170.900189179_aodi3-Argumentative Star flies to the northwest. This Star brings arguments, misunderstandings and legal problems. Typically we use Fire element to drain this influence as the nature of this Star is Wood. The problem is that NW is a Bagua sector where it is important to have a strong Metal element. Too much Fire in that area will destroy Metal. NW relates to a father of the family so having a clash of elements there might represent difficulties for a bread winner. My advice is to use Fire but in moderation in that area. A piece of red paper, red envelope or red candle will do. Also, a good remedy will be six coins on a red string. In addition, a statue of Buddha, angel, or your spiritual symbol or protector will be great to have in the NW.



7-Violent Star moves to the north. This Star brings tension, stress, and even robbery. It is a Metal Star so the Water element of the north will diminish its influence. In most cases you don’t need to do anything. If it falls on your front or back door you may consider remedying it. If falls into your bedroom you can expect more arguments. If you don’t already have Water element in your house’s north direction, then it is a good time to add it. One of the traditional cures is a pair of rhinoceroses as they are considered to be water animals and protectors.



Auspisious Stars

water_fountain58-Wealth Star resides in the southwest. This Star brings wealth, opportunities, success, and happiness. It is especially lucky if SW is your building’s facing direction or location of your front door or even your back door. It will activate opportunities and luck. If you want to strengthen your luck further, place Eight Coins on a red string, add crystals and bright lights to the area. If it is your living room or dining room spend more time there, have parties as it will help to activate energy even more. The best enhancer for the SW is Water element. If you want to make a big change, I advise placing a water feature in the SW.



14ZZPLANT9-Future Prosperity Star flies to the east. This star relates to fame and future prosperity. It will also strengthen the luck of the oldest son. In most cases you don’t need to do anything as the Wood element of the East will be nourishing this beneficial influence. If you want further enhancement you can place a healthy plant or Nine Coins on a red string and add some reds and bright lights.




shopping1-Lucky White Star will be visiting the southeast. This Star relates to career and business success and promotion. It is a Wealth Water Star and it is in harmony with the Wood element of the SE. Using Water along with being active in the area will strengthen your chances for success. Additionally you can add  crystals. Chrystal chandelier is great in the SE. If your SE area has a lot of Wood, Fire and Earth elements make sure to add more Water element so Water is not drained. Metal element is OK in the SE this year but in a small quantity.



SL11164-3sixemperorcoins6-Favorable Heaven Star moves into the south. This star brings luck and good fortune, especially of a speculative kind. It’s great if your front or back door is in the south, as well as office or bedrooms. Activate it with Six Coins, crystals, 6 rods wind chimes and spend more time in the area.





hearts4-Romance and Scholastic Star is in the west. This star brings romantic opportunities and luck to those pursuing studies. It can bring networking opportunities and wealth. If it falls into your youngest daughter’s room, the romance or marriage will be hard to avoid! Placing a plant or a special symbol that reflects your pursuits will help to activate those aspects.


Additional Annual Afflictions (Shar Chi) and Renovation Rules

16-PC-01-3taisuitalismanGrand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) is in the southwest (232.5°-247.5°).
Display a Tai Sui talisman in the room that is affected or carry it with you if you are born in the year of the Monkey, Tiger, Snake and Pig. It is not recommended to sit facing SW this year.


3chilinThree Killings is in the south (135°-225°).
It is not recommended to sit with your back to the south. Three celestial guardians are used to suppress this affliction.

Both afflictions can bring legal problems, accidents and potential injuries so they are not to be taken lightly, especially if your front door, office or bedroom are in those sectors. It is advised to avoid renovation or substantial construction in these areas.


For additional tips, read my blog post on “Preparing your Home for the New Year”

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