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Kitchen Feng Shui Tips

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms. It is the heart of a home and relates to nourishment. The most important object in the kitchen is the stove. In traditional Chinese feng shui, the stove relates to wealth so its placement and its Fire element have to be strong.

Kitchen Feng Shui by Natalia Kaylin

Kitchen Feng Shui by Natalia Kaylin

Feng Shui Stove Placement Tips

I have to admit, that it is much easier to implement feng shui principles for the kitchen and the best feng shui stove placement when we build a new home. A lot of feng shui knowledge goes into making these architectural and design decisions.

For example, the stove should not be visible from the entrance, and it is best if there is a solid wall behind it so the energy is not dispersed but gathered. Also, there should not be a bathroom on the other side of the stove, especially a toilet, shower, or basically any water pipes.

We have 3 main different types of energy in the kitchen: Fire (the stove), Water (the sink) and Metal (the fridge). The way these elements interact with each other is Water puts fire out and Metal cools fire down. Therefore we want these 3 objects to be separated. A triangular design for the kitchen works the best.

We also need to keep directions in mind for the ideal stove placement. The stove is better in the E, SE or S rather than W or NW areas. We also take into the consideration the DOB of the person who is going to cook, and calculate the Flying Stars. But even implementing just the tips that I mentioned earlier is a good start.

Strengthening the Fire Element

If the house is already designed and we cannot control placement then we can work on strengthening the fire of the stove. From my clients feedback these simple things can make a big difference.

Adding reds in the kitchen will add more warmth and strengthen Fire element of the stove. I love working with color and art as it is usually the easiest way to bring a desired outcome. Fire relates to fun and joy. If we can express these qualities in the kitchen the person who cooks will be in a good and creative mood. I guarantee, the food will not only taste better but will be more nourishing!

The other element that I love to implement in the kitchen is the Earth element. Earth relates to stability, nourishment, digestion and the corresponding color is yellow. Yellow brings sunlight and warmth to the kitchen, making it a happy place where people want to be.

I love having fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs in the kitchen. Any natural materials such as a woven basket or things made of ceramic or clay would bring a feeling of authenticity and fun.

Happy cooking!


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