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Preparing Your Home for the New Year


Preparing your home for the New Year will help you let go of the old unwanted energy, clear the way for new things in your life and make you and your home more receptive to beneficial and nourishing energies. If you have not done this yet, now is a great time to do it! The Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year is on January 31st. It represents the beginning of spring.  It is also a new moon, so this is a great time to set the stage for new beginnings. The year of the Wood Horse officially starts on February 4th— the Solar New Year– and it is promising to be an exciting and powerful year. Here are six important steps to prepare your home:

1)      Clear the clutter! I know for many of you this is the most difficult step but it is also the most rewarding. You’ll feel so much better if you do this. Let go of physical things that you don’t need any more. This will help in clearing out emotional blockages as well. The benefits are described in numerous books written on the subject. Just do it– this is well worth your time!

2)      Clean your house. Dust, wash, shake, and make it sparkling. I guarantee your house will love it. If you have a cleaning service, try to do it on your own this time. This will help you connect with the energy of your house and you’ll be able to infuse it with your love and joy.

3)      Do a Space Clearing. This helps get rid of emotional residue after any number of unhappy events such as sickness or arguments. It dissolves blockages, stagnation and helps infuse the house with fresh, happy, clean energy.  If you don’t know how to do an actual Space Clearing ceremony, here are a few suggestions that are easy to do:

a)      use incense or spray a solution of essential oil

b)      play music that you love loudly for a few hours

c)       place flowers and burn candles in your kitchen, living room and bedroom or any room that you use often

4)      Clear and recharge your cures, crystals, and altar objects:

a)      rinse them under running water

b)      place them in a strong salt solution for a few hours

c)       place them outside on a clear day under the sun and leave them under the moon to recharge

5)      After you follow these four steps you will feel more relaxed, happy, calm and content. In this peaceful state of mind, ask yourself what your intentions and aspirations are for the year? You might even write them down.

6)      Place your cures and enhancers for the New Year. Place each one with intention and purpose. See my previous posting on where to place them. Place these annual cures and enhancers after February 4th .

Happy Year of the Horse!


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