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Feng Shui Kitchen Design Tips


The kitchen is the heart of a home.  Food and nourishment are essential elements of life. It is one of the most important rooms in feng shui.  Traditionally, the kitchen represents wealth.  The most important object in the kitchen is a stove (element Fire).  This is the time of the year to really use it!

  1. When you are designing your new kitchen or redesigning an old one, be sure to separate the placement of a stove (Fire), refrigerator (Metal) and sink (Water).  These three elements are of different nature and clash with each other.  Triangular design is ideal, but even separating them with kitchen cabinets is a good idea.
  2. Stove placement is essential. For a good feng shui stove placement it is better to have a solid wall behind it rather than it being in an island, but consider what is on the other side of the wall.  Restroom or laundry rooms are not good behind the stove.  Stove should not be visible from the front door.
  3. Fire and Earth elements are essential elements in kitchen design. They are in harmony with each other and together create a nourishing environment. Yellow is my favorite color for the kitchen walls.  Adding natural and alive elements such as plants, flowers, herbs will help to freshen the energy. Adding ceramic bowls, red towels and a few other red, orange, and yellow kitchen accessories will bring not only more joy and fun, it will create a warm atmosphere where family members are drawn to spend some time together.

Happy holidays and joyful cooking!

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